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Cyanotype watercolor paper and fabrics are highly successful learning tools for teaching students of all age groups.

Our materials allow students a hands-on experience using any subject mater, whether it’s letters and numbers for pre-schoolers, design ideas for elementary art class, the science of light for middle school students or the biology of plant life for high school groups. 

There is no limit to the teaching possibilities using the sun to make images.    

The cyanotype process itself has a rich, colorful and memerable history, just like the images themselves.


V. I. S. D. McMurry Middle School 6th grade Humanities,










                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            "Gathering Blue" project"

                  V. I. S. D. McMurry Middle School  6th grade Humanities

5" x 7" cyanotype notecard design kit
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