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Sun printing inspires kids and lets them make original art that can be treasured for a life-time!

Cyanotype allows kids to create photography prints adding to the history of cyanotype with their modern works of art. Our materials are great for individual kids projects and groups projects. Cyanotype Store's products are easy to make; just choose a design, set their design on the Cyanotype paper or cotton, set in the sun for a few minutes, and rinse it in water. Their design magically appears! Kid sunprints can even be toned to a different color using what we call “Kitchen Science” (see “How to Make a Sunprint”).

Kids Sun Print Projects         Kids Sun printing Ideas
Kids Birthday Parties                 Flowers/Leaves
School Projects                         Toys
Fundraisers                               Clip Art 
Nature Walks                            Drawings
Art Projects                               Beach glass
Holiday Projects                        Letters
Gift Giving                                 Found Objects

What Kids can Make
Sun Print Quilt
Sun Print Decorative Pillows



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