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Cyanotype Art & Science Print Kit (Gallon)

Cyanotype Art & Science Print Kit (Gallon)

This kit contains

  1. eight ounces green (Ferric Ammonium Citrate)
  2. four ounce red (Potassium Ferricyanide)
  3. 1 gallon mixing can with lid
  4. one UV light safe bag
  5. one mixing spoon
  6. one brush
  7. one washer(to open can)
  8. one pair of gloves
  9. one mask
  10. one MSDS (material safety and data sheet)
  11. one detailed instruction - makes a gallon of cyanotype chemistry solution which can produce (800) sheets of 8 x 10 watercolor paper or (48) square yards(36") of fabric

How To Use:

  1. Set-up a mixing area using news papers or drop cloths in a low light area.
  2. Mix dry compounds (green & red) with two cups hot water in 1 quart mixing can - add the dry compounds into the quart mixing can and then add two cups hot water (100 degrees or better - the hot water helps dissolve the dry compounds) and stir with mixing spoon.
  3. Brush cyanotype solution on to watercolor paper and/or other 100% natural fabrics i.e., cotton, silk, rayon, linen, etc. - and let dry in a cool dark location - you can also use a hair dryer to speed-up the drying process.
  4. Place design on treated material - for best results, if printing a transparency, use a clip frame to hold in place your design.
  5. Expose to UV light - sun or UV lamp.
  6. Rinse you cyanotype print with water until the water is clear - about 1 minute or so - take care not to over saturate the print and risk tearing it.

Care Instructions:

  1. Dry compounds last a year.
  2. Mixed solution last one week - if can is sealed.
  3. Use label on can cover to date your materials.
  • Conforms to ASTM D4236
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